I help corporations improve their project organization, rate of success, and bottom line.

As a seasoned pro of 25 years in project management, a sought-after international speaker, and author of multiple books, I employ my cross-disciplinary skills and analytics to dramatically boost the efficiency, economy, and effectiveness of medium to large corporations and their projects.

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Leadership in Project Performance

Risk, stakeholders, data, truth, and process — this is my world, and the language of projects. I work directly with medium to large companies that exhibit genuine commitment to improving their project organization, rate of project success, and bottom line.

I have published two books. The first, Project Performance Review, co-authored with Anthony Mills, is a revolutionary and flexible approach to auditing. The second, Project Cost Recording and Reporting, delves into the challenges of timely, appropriate, and transparent project reporting. I have also written numerous articles and research papers for both scholarly and general audiences; my interests are broad and deep. I’ve lectured around the world at colleges, universities, conferences, corporations, and other settings on a wide range of topics pertaining to projects, business, and the built environment.

In previous incarnations, I swam very long distances, performed and recorded music, painstakingly recreated recipes, and had my own recurring bit on Lifetime Television. I’m a philomath TCK who speaks truth to power and travels a lot.


Making sense of the messy bits of project and organizational management, one piece at a time.


Global keynote speaker and program facilitator, focusing on topics in project management, auditing, data analysis, governance, and systemic risk.

Problem Solver

Bringing solutions to organizations and projects at every lifecycle phase, with a special focus on forensic and preventative efforts, and immediate ROI.

  • She is a born leader and a visionary with clear objectives on how to effectively manage programs and projects

    Deputy Executive Officer, transportation
  • You can rest assured she will leave no stone unturned.

    Principal, construction consultancy
  • Alexia has saved her clients countless millions of dollars, months on the schedule and has been a trusted advisor to construction and project management professionals. More than that, she’s smart, quick, and fun to work with

    Senior Manager, accountancy / management consulting
  • Any governmental or private entity searching for a professional in her field should give her very serious consideration.

    Associate Vice-Chancellor of Facilities, higher education
  • She is a prolific author, polished speaker, and project/cost controls expert whose insights are appreciated and requested by owner organizations

    Account Executive, software company
  • I am happy to keep her on-call as a valued and trusted resource.

    Associate Vice-Chancellor of Facilities, higher education
  • She is a dynamic problem solver and diligent taskmaster. Including her as a member of your team can be a critical component of your key to success

    Investor, commercial real estate
  • Alexia Nalewaik is a talented professional with a diverse and sophisticated set of skills.

    Executive Director (Facilities), higher education
  • Some auditors can make you feel ill-at-ease, but not Alexia. Alexia delivered high-quality services in a personal and non- confrontational manner. Alexia is great to work with and adds value to any team.

    Program Director, construction consultancy
  • Alexia Nalewaik is a truly talented and knowledgeable individual who has complete command of her profession

    Executive Director (Facilities), higher education
  • She is a talented and creative professional, and a strong advocate for best practices and responsible stewardship of institutional resources.

    Associate Vice-Chancellor of Facilities, higher education
  • She is continuously performing research and can be relied upon to be up to date with current trends

    Founder, construction consultancy
  • She is an expert in her field, highly professional, easy to get along with,communicates well with others, and provides excellent value. I would definitely hire her again for a critical project.

    President, higher education
  • She rapidly settled in and became a very valued member of our broader program team. Her command of our issues makes it a pleasure to work with her.

    Executive Director (Facilities), higher education

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